Waffen SS Camouflage
Waffen SS M44 `Dot` Pattern Camouflage tunic

Waffen SS M44 Dot(Peas) pattern HBT tunic

Heavy Duty HBT Dot Camo

Militaria-net are proud to offer this perfect copy of the Waffen SS M44 Dot* pattern camouflage tunic in heavy duty herringbone twill fabric. These are made in Europe and offer the highest quality reproduction available. These are NOT chinese manufacture.

* sometimes called `peas` pattern


These waffens SS M44 Tunics are made from heavy herringbone twill material and printed in colours and design according to the original pattern found on WW2 cloth. In fact these have being produced from original examples in the manufacturers collection. All details have being faithfully reproduced, patterns, details, colours and cuts. Our tunics unlike others available offer FULL WATERPROOF PROTECTION. Note the HBT we use is heavy duty and sits correctly when worn unlike the cheaper light starched fabric used ( notably the Chinese camo)

Printing Information

For Printing we use only high quality chemical printing colours which have perfect scratch stability and after some use our camouflage fabric looks exactly like original examples. We do not use cheap pigment colour printing technology offered by other suppliers where the colour is just printed onto the external fabric, our colours are absorbed inside the fabric offering complete scratch stability (like originals).

German Re-enactor wearing our full `Dot` HBT tunic set. He is dressed as 12th SS `Hitlerjugend`

Martin is wearing our `Dot` pattern tunic. He is representing 1st SS ` LAH` and is part of `Tiger 1` re-enactment group. All items Martin is wearing were supplied by us at Militaria Net.

Militaria-net `Dot` Camo is not the cheapest but it is without question one of the best.

Waffen ss M44 camo tunic in heavy duty HBT fabric



Waffen SS M44 camo tunic



Correct Sizd HBT weave, no other makers have perfcted this.


Waffen SS M44 camo tunic

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